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Kuji Kiri - The Secret Art of Taoist Finger Weaving

October 14, 2017 - Chandler, Arizona
9am to 5:00pm

Presented by Sifu Kelly Larsen

Kuji Kiri is an ancient ritual practice used to expand consciousness, heal the body, and transform one’s life for the better. It consists of “nine-syllables” or mantra (sounds), nine mudra (hand positions), and nine cuts of energy used in meditation. The moment you begin practicing Kuji Kiri you begin to experience its effects – increased mental clarity, emotional stability, and improved overall wellbeing. The Kuji prayer is designed to avert difficulties, excise obstacles and darkness from one's life, and ensure that all things proceed without difficulty. Best yet, after the initial activation phase, this is a simple practice that can be performed daily in about 15 minutes. While many of the effects can be felt immediately, the more years one practices Kuji Kiri the more profound the personal transformation. Kuji Kiri can also be used as a tool in the enlightenment process.

How does it work? Each mantra and mudra activates one of the eight extra-ordinary meridians (energy channels) in the body. When these meridians are activated the practitioner begins to experience elevated consciousness and increased mental clarity, improved will power, kundalini (life force) awaking, improved physical abilities and health, as well as increased psychic abilities and awareness. The practice of Kuji Kiri has been compared to receiving a complex Reiki or Acupuncture treatment. In fact several of the Kuji correspond to specific Reiki Symbols. The forces one connects to while performing Kuji are the forces of Creation itself. A master in Kuji Kiri can transform reality to their will.

Kuji Kiri has a long and powerful history. It first began in India around 1000BC and then traveled to China and became part of the Taoist practice. From China Kuji Kiri traveled to Japan and became an important mind-body-spirit training technique for the Shinto and Buddhists especially within the esoteric Mikkyo sects. In time the practice was taken up by several martial arts groups, in particular the Ninjutsu.

This simple yet powerful practice is a trans formative tool for everyone who wants to improve their health and wellbeing, and remove obstacles from their life. It is especially beneficial for healers, martial artists, and for those seeking significant spiritual growth. Join us for this one day seminar and transform your life!

Seminar Rate: $200.00 US
Register Early! Seating limited to 25 students.
This will be the last time I offer this class.

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This event will be held at:
Element Chandler Fashion Center
44 South Chandler Village Dr.
Chandler, Arizona 85226

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