Family Series - Part Three

August 27, 2015

Soul groups are another important ‘family’ in your personal evolution. A soul group is a group of souls that connect at the soul level with the purpose of enabling each member of the group to evolve. The function of the group is to provide a resource of beings that can assist each other in learning evolutionary lessons.

Soul groups are drawn together via various means. Some members of the soul group are souls created from Source to share a similar primary life function. Other group members might be ‘siblings’ through their Spiritual Parents. A Spiritual Parents is the God(s), Elemental(s), Angel(s), or Demon(s) who infused your soul with Spiritual DNA and certain other attributes to also perform a certain function. They are the beings that made your primary soul created from Source human. Other soul group members met during incarnations and share similar agendas; or are bound through physical DNA and karma acquired during their incarnations together. Even your spirit guides are most likely members of your soul group.

Soul groups will incarnate over and over again with each other. Your involvement with members in your soul group can be fleeting or last numerous lifetimes. Your relationships bring out strong emotions and powerful life experiences. Some of these can be positive and some negative. Your soul group members are your teachers just as you are theirs. You will provide each other scenarios designed to help each member explore their creative abilities, gain wisdom, or assist in the elimination or creation of karma. Group members will exchange roles during multiple reincarnations in accordance to that particular incarnations agenda.

Soul groups can be massive, comprised of hundreds of souls. Within that large group there are smaller sub-soul groups. Your primary soul group is usually comprised of souls who most often present themselves as family members or significantly close friends. You will incarnate with these souls most often. Other soul group members vary in the closeness of the relationship and the frequency of your incarnating together.

How do you know when you have met someone in your soul group? It can be someone you met fleetingly or had a much longer relationship with in your life, but either way they had a powerful impact on your life before they moved on. Maybe you felt instant rapport as if you have known them forever. Your life experiences, life expressions, and thought process may be very similar. Soul group members often bring out strong emotional connections and powerful life lessons within each other.

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