Desert Wisdom

March 1, 2017

I live in the Sonoran Desert and adore it. For me it is a magical place filled with subtle beauty, grace and power. It is at both times fragile and enduring, harsh and nurturing, obvious and subtle. Its ecosystem is a continual dance between life and death, yet no matter how harsh the environment life is continually reborn and flourishes.

To me the desert represents human growth and development. The desert continually demonstrates the ability to find inner strength and personal power. Life is not easy here, yet life continually finds new expression no matter what is thrown at it. To flourish, life must rise above its weaknesses and harness it strengths. To me the deserts craggy surface holds the same stunning beauty as an old woman’s wrinkled face. Each graceful line over sharp bone is pure natural artistry that maps the entirety of one’s life through each success and failure, each birth and death, each devastating tear or moments of pure joy.

The desert represents one’s spiritual growth as well. It is no mystery to me why the lore here is filled with mystery and magic. The continual dance between life and death are the ultimate dance between the divine forces of the sephirot and qlippoth. The desert teaches you that for all action, there is an absolute reaction. Life in the desert is about learning personal responsibly, of gaining full awareness of self and environment, then utilizing what is at your disposal to the best of your ability while maintaining balance. One quickly learns here that all things are deeply interconnected. Even though the desert is associated with the blazing sun, life here continually demonstrates ones need to understand and utilize not only light, but the darkness as well. Within the desert there is an entirely different life system that thrives within magic of the moon. But desert life is not about polar opposites either. The combined forces of light and dark create shade or shadow. Within this half-light exists an entirely different expression of life. Finally, within the desert the elements of spirit, fire, air, water and earth are maximized and take on entirely new meanings.

The desert has been my teacher for over 35 years and I am eternally grateful.

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