The Journey of The Butterfly

May 1, 2017

When people think of spiritual growth - aside from Soul and Body of Light development - they often consider an expansion of consciousness, increased paranormal abilities, blessings and miracles, and positive changes in their life or the lives of their loved ones as signals one is progressing further into the realm of light. And yes, these things do occur. But something else has to occur for these things to begin to manifest within your reality. Your body has to change – physically.

When one begins to download higher mind energies and spiritual DNA the bodies energy systems shifts. This shift leads to actual physical changes in body structure and function. One might experience changes in their appearance, physical size, weight, and bone structure. Witnessing these shifts can be quite startling at times. On a deeper level the organs shape, composition and function will alter. This has been well documented in numerous studies evaluating the effect of meditation on the brain and endocrine system. Deeper still you will experience shifts in blood and metabolism function and composition, and even cellular and DNA changes. Spontaneous healing may even begin to occur.

But change sometimes is uncomfortable. As one’s body alters in response to a person’s spiritual growth one can experience a myriad of symptoms. These include but are not limited to; headaches, blurred vision, episodic dizziness, episodic heart palpitations or feeling like you are a little short of breath. Maybe you hear sounds like ringing in the ears or experiencing other audible sounds. One may begin to emit odor from the body or body waste. Muscle aches and bone pain are also common. There will be periods of insomnia as well as periods of deep fatigue. You may become sensitive to heat or cold, dryness or humidly, and your ability to tolerate certain foods may alter. Finally, you may experience emotional swings such as joy, tears, laughter, anxiety, and even periods of depression.

Fortunately, while some side effects may last a few months, they are temporary. Once the shift has completed, and homeostasis has reinstated itself the symptoms go away. It’s kind of like deciding to move your furniture around in your house. Until you get comfortable with the new arrangement you might be a little unsettled and may stub your toe a few times. Another way to view this is as if you are experiencing growing pain, much like you did as a child. In fact, this is literally what you are doing.

During these times of expansion and change nurture yourself. Eat well, drink plenty of water, rest often, get enough sleep, and get plenty of sunshine. Move and stretch your body. Breathe. And most of all relax into the change. The more you fight it the more uncomfortable you will become. Celebrate in the fact that your practices are really working, and you are moving closer to your goal – whatever that may be. Most importantly continue your practices unless you have been directed to put things on hold by your teacher.

Belonging to a spiritual group can be a powerful tool of growth as well. Groups of people who work toward a common cause not only share information, but develop a unified consciousness as well. Each member effort effects the entire group. When one person shifts within a group, they effect the vibration of several others. Those affected will begin to shift which in turn effect several more creating a ripple effect throughout the population. This phenomenon is similar to the Hundredth Monkey Effect and the Butterfly Effect.

A caterpillar must totally transform itself down to the cellular level before it can become a butterfly.

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