Opening the Door to The Realms of Light and Dark

September 1, 2017

As your third eye opens you begin to have numerous new experiences. Some of these include visions and visitations from other life forms. Some of these visions, sounds, smells and sensations may be new to you, attracted by your shift in resonance due to the opening of your third eye. Other interactions have always been there; but your expanded senses simply allow you to experience them in more detail.

When new experiences begin, they can be a bit disconcerting, scary even. The big question we always ask ourselves is this a positive or negative interaction. How do we know the difference? As an example, let’s look at visitations from other life forms. We always assume that if an entity is dark, unusual looking (scary even) they are evil. Conversely, entities that radiate light and are beautiful are divine. But this is a prejudice that does not hold up in reality. First, all creations are divine by the mere fact that they are all part of creation, and thus an aspect of Creator. Second, there are many being who are scary looking that do not emit light that are powerful forces of good, while there are beautiful light emitting beings that are pure evil. So then, how do we know what we are interacting with?

In large part, answer is this: you are going to attract forces that are similar in resonance to what you emit. When evaluating an experience ask yourself these questions:
1. What is your own basic resonance. What is the energy you put into the universe? Be honest.
2. Are the practices in your life (daily activities as well as spiritual) associated with light or darkness? Of these practices which are you most passionate about? Invocation, magic and spiritual practices done when you are, or have been recently inebriated, curing, or violent in some form – or have been around these energies - invoke dark forces, regardless of your intent.
3. What is your intent associated to #1 and #2? Be honest.
4. If you have invoked something, or are visited by something, what is the quality of their actions in regards to your intent for calling them?

Spiritual and energetic growth is not something to be taken lightly, or as hobby. If you want to interact with the realms of light you need to personal responsibility for yourself and your life first. You will need to make changes. As you become more and more a being of light, so will the being you interact with be from the realms of light.

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