Riding the Wave of Evolutionary Chaos

July 1, 2017

Evolution is an amazing process. It requires that something moves from one state of existence into a new, more complex state of being. Evolution can also be described as development, advancement, growth, expansion, unfolding and progress. In all cases evolution requires one to change. As one embraces a new paradigm they must release old patterns of behavior and thought, or possibly old patterns of physical existence. Quite often this process is often more easily said than done.

It is not uncommon to experience an increased state of chaos just prior to making an evolutionary leap. The essence of evolution and change is the destruction of what was. It is a form of chaos. Change sweeps away old paradigms transforming them into something entirely new. The process of change or evolution requires a person to not only alter behaviors or life patterns, but to also transform the way they identify themselves and their entire existence. At a core level, to evolve, one must confront who they were and where they are going, surrendering the old ā€œIā€ to the void. This in itself can create a type of identity crisis. Some will surrender their old self easily as they embrace an entirely new stream of existence. Others will resist the change, gripping tightly to their old self, delving more deeply into old patterns of existence that no longer serve them, as they repeatedly seek validation of who they were.

All life evolves or de-evolves. From the moment of conception evolution is a natural state of life existence. One can learn to ride the wave of it, making the best of the shifts as they come, or get tossed into the backwash. If you are suddenly experiencing an increase in chaos in your life take time to sit with yourself. Determine who you are in this moment and where you want to go. Evaluate what you may be doing, thinking or feeling that is resisting the force of evolution. Release these old patterns and surrender to the natural force of transformation. Ride the wave.

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