Spiritual Growth and Karma

May 1, 2016

I am often asked why clearing karma becomes such an intense and physical process as one progresses more deeply into spiritual development. To answer this question one must understand the steps in the spiritual growth process.

The first step is understanding the goal of spiritual growth. Ultimately one is aspiring toward some form of enlightenment. Each spiritual practice and religion defines enlightenment slightly differently. But ultimately true spiritual enlightenment is a two-step process. The first step, called inner enlightenment, is to realize one is divine being and face this divine being directly. This only occurs once higher mind energy has entered the lowest level of human consciousness—more specifically the conscious mind. Higher mind energy contains powerful creative forces so for this energy to enter the lower aspects of the mind one must clear significant lower energies that block this process from happening. One of these blocking energies is the energy of negative karma.

Negative karma is not a punishment for bad behavior. Rather it is a specific type of energy accumulation within the soul dependent on the vibration of energies a person creates during its lifetime. In a nutshell karma is the energy resulting from choice, a tool the soul uses to teach itself the consequences of its creative power resulting from its choices. Negative karma is the result of negative behaviors, thoughts and choices while positive karma is the result of positive behavior, thoughts and choices. Each time a person incarnates they will utilize the positive and negative karma stored within their soul to formulate specific experiences dependent on the dominant energy available and the goal of the incarnation.

As one progresses more deeply on the spiritual path the process of the descent of higher mind energy and the release of negative karma accelerates. The process does not stop once a person experiences inner enlightenment. In fact, it increases – for the soul is now committed to attempting to complete the process of outer enlightenment--or step two. For outer enlightenment to occur in a healthful manor the incarnation must carry large amounts of higher mind energy within the conscious mind and thus must purge more and more of its negative karma.

Spiritual growth is not an easy process. It is a destructive process at its core. You are destroying a lower form and using its foundation to create another, much like the caterpillar and the butterfly. In fact, the influx of higher mind energy and the release of negative karma will block many from ever completing their enlightenment journey. But if one is successful the rewards are beyond measure.

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