Mastering Our Fears

January 27, 2016

Recently someone asked me how one learns to master their fears. This person was trying to move past several issues that were holding them back from their life goals. Through much work and personal exploration they found that at the root of each issue was fear. Yet no matter how hard they worked on these issues they seemed to make little progress. I thought this was an excellent question. Not surprising I had heard many other people ask this same thing. For that reason I wanted to discuss it here.

To be honest I don’t think we ever “Master” our fears. Each person has many fears and each fear is multi layered. By this I mean each of our fears have many components to them which are woven into many aspects of our lives. Some of our fears are created in this life and some have been created within our hundreds of past lives, stored within the soul, and manifested through our karmic debt. Yet because of its complexity when a person faces a fear and think they have resolved or “mastered” it in one area of their life, they find it reappears in a slightly different form in another aspect of their life. To fully “master” a particular fear one must face and resolve the issue on many levels.

Our fears are powerful. Each fear has a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual component to it. The manifestations of our fears can be seen in our relationships, jobs, living situations, financial status, and daily activities and even in our physical health. Fears create chaos, disharmony, and even death. When our fears are buried deep within our bodies we experience pain, disease and injury. Each region and each organ of our body holds different emotions and different fears. Symptoms in a particular area is our bodies way of telling us we are holding onto something on some level of our being that is causing disharmony – usually based in fear. Fear based emotions are anxiety, anger, insecurity, agitation, despair, depression and hate.

The majority of our fears are self created. They are based on past experience and future expectations. So in essence most fears do not exist in the now. Instead they perpetuate a continual cycle of what was and what might be from which we create a fear based now. So the cycle of what we are afraid of continues because we create it.

Some of our fears threaten a person’s very survival. Their cause can be something we can see in the here and now while other life threatening fears are more subtle. In life threatening situations the ability to master the fear might begin by having the ability to stabilize the situation to the point that it is no longer life threatening. After that one can begin to delve deeper into the true cause of what caused this fearful situation and address it.

To me mastering our fears requires facing all aspects of a fear, or a fearful situation honestly. This includes clearly seeing our own role in fostering it. This is not an easy thing to do. Yet when we begin to see the issue or thing we are afraid of for what they really are we being to see both the truth and the illusion behind its foundation and its continuing existence. The truth can then begin to be addressed and the illusions fall away.

So I guess the answer to this question is that I don’t believe we ever “master” our fears. Instead we learn to master ourselves.

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