The Magic of Talismans

January 14, 2018

Talismans are objects infused with power, knowledge, or magical abilities. Talismans have been vital tools in many cultures for obtaining wealth, healing, power, spiritual growth, fertility, and many other desires for centuries. They come in as many forms as you can imagine and are often composed of bone, clay, cloth, various metal, and gems or crystal.

People who collect talismans will often obtain many different types. Where once you could only get a talisman directly from its creator or a temple, now they are easily available in markets and on the internet. A talismans power can range from non-existent to profoundly magical. Some talismans carry the force of light, while others carry the force of darkness. It takes a certain type of second sight to be able to determine the power of a particular talisman—or you need to trust the creator or source of the object.

Once you have your talisman it’s effectiveness is often dependent on two main factors—the magical power of its creator, and the ability of the user to unlock that magic. Some talismans can be used immediately, others may require certain rituals to unlock or cannot be utilized until the user has reached a particular energetic or consciousness resonance. If you have obtained a talisman that does not hold any power don’t get rid of it. As you grow, you may be able to infuse it with your own power as you yourself evolve

Talismans are not simply inanimate objects imbued with energy or power. Each one carries particles of consciousness. These particles are gifted to the talisman from the creator of the talisman or from the spiritual world. In addition, the user infuses the talisman with aspects of their own consciousness. The level of consciousness you infuse is depended on the levels of consciousness you utilize while the talisman is in your presence or on your body. While you may obtain an object with one degree of consciousness, this will change and grow the more you use it, and the more of its—and your own—power you unlock. Realize working effectively with a talisman is much like developing an intimate relationship with another entity.

Once a person has obtained more than one talisman, the big question arises. “How many can I use or wear at a single time?” It is common to want to wear or use as many as possible. But remember each one has a purpose and a consciousness. To truly unlock both you will need to spend focused time with it one-on-one. Also, wearing more than one can be similar to being in a room with more than one TV going, with each TV on a different channel and on different volumes. Your attention becomes scattered, your ability to receive the information being projected becomes scattered as well in the cacophony of sound, vibration, light and images. That does not mean you cannot use more than one at a time. It means be selective of what you are using when and where. Realize it takes time for you to grow into using more than one at a time effectively.

Real empowered talismans of light are rare. To own one is a gift. Honor that gift.