Kelly LarsenKelly M. Larsen

Kelly M. Larsen, RN, CMT, Sifu, is the author of Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Power: Empower Your Life & Spiritual Practice and My Book of Miracles: An Exercise in Creation. She is passionate about helping people find inner wisdom, balance, prosperity, healing, and spiritual growth in all areas of life.

Through her consulting business, Balanced Therapies for Health, she teaches a wide variety of transformative practices, including spiritual development, meditation, alternative therapy, and Reiki. A student of Dr. Mitchell E. Gibson’s for many years, she became his first advanced instructor for the Advanced Living Soul Program in 2013. Educated in multiple forms of energy therapy as well as myotherapy, she is also a Reiki master in three forms. A pioneer in the integration of alternative therapies with allopathic medicine Kelly Larsen began the first Reiki volunteer program at Chandler Regional Hospital’s cancer center and was a consultant on many other Reiki volunteer programs in Arizona. Kelly Larsen has taught numerous topics nationally - privately, for colleges, and for professional organizations.

To better understand the innate power and potential in every human being Kelly also trained in the martial arts. Her study focus was the integration of the human physical and spiritual forms, as well as the power of chi, will and the mind. Here she excelled and has a third-degree black belt in Hawaii kenpo, kajukenbo, hung ga kenbo karate, as well as an instructor certification in tai chi.

A devoted wife and mother, Larsen lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Keys To Unlocking Your Inner Power

Keys To Unlocking Your Inner Power is a refreshing and candid look at human spirituality and spiritual development. The author, Kelly Larsen RN, CMT, Reiki Master and Spiritual Teacher, explains spiritual development as the ultimate form of human development and takes the reader on a journey that spans from the formation of the human soul all the way through the various levels of enlightenment and ascension. She also explores the amazing manifesting ability contained within every living person and the elements we use to create our reality. The information is presented in a very real and usable format designed to enhance any spiritual practice. Available at

My Book of Miracles: An Exercise in Creation

My Book of Miracles: An Exercise in Creation builds on the author’s first book, Keys to Unlocking Your Inner Power: Empower Your Life & Spiritual Practice, by distilling its information into a simple, workable process that anyone can use. Designed as a daily workbook, it invites you to complete both morning and evening journal entries to help you organize your thoughts and personal power. As the pages guide you through the magical elements needed to make your dreams a reality, you will become more aware of your power and will soon be able to tap into these forces more effectively. Wake up to the magic, and live a transformed life! Available November 2015 at

Spiritual Cleansings

Are you experiencing imbalances with your emotions, health, or relationships? Maybe your feel as if you have blocks to financial or work success. If so, you may want to explore having a Level 1 or Level 2 Spiritual Cleansing. A Spiritual Cleansing is a type of healing. It is designed to balance, heal, and remove blockages - including minor to moderate attachments - from a person’s energetic and physical form, as well as their environment. For more information explore Spiritual Cleansing under "Services".